12 Useful Tips For Choosing Salt Spray Test Chamber

March 05,2021

The price and quality of salt spray test chamber are differ in the market, which makes customers difficult in choosing salt spray test chamber. There are 12 useful tips for you avoiding cheating by bad merchants.


Salt Spray Test Chamber


12 Useful Tips For Choosing Salt Spray Test Chamber


1. The materials in the salt spray test chamber that are in direct contact with the salt solution and salt spray should not chemically react with the salt solution and salt spray, and the parts that are not in direct contact should be resistant to salt spray corrosion.


2. The salt spray should not be sprayed directly on the test sample.


3. The condensate on the top and inner wall of the box and other parts should not drip onto the test sample.


4. The pressure inside and outside the box must be balanced, and a pressure-balanced exhaust hole should be provided. When exhausting, the airflow in the working space should not be excessively turbulent.


5. There should be a sample rack for placing or hanging samples. The sample holder should not cause electrochemical corrosion with the test sample.


6. The salt mist produced by the sprayer should be finely dispersed, moist and dense; the collected liquid after atomization shall not be reused for spraying except for the back part of the baffle.


7. There is a device for indicating the amount of salt spray deposition.


8. Instruments or devices such as temperature adjustment and indication should be provided.


9. When using compressed air to atomize the salt solution, the following conditions should be met:


  • The compressed air should completely filter out impurities such as oil and dust before entering the atomizer;


  • It should be heated to not lower than the working temperature;


  • Should be fully humidified, and the relative humidity of the air at the spray outlet should not be less than 85%;


  • The pressure of compressed air should be adjustable within the range of (70-170) kPa and should be stable.


10. The salt spray test chamber is equipped with a salt solution filter.


11. The box cover should be sealed reliably, and there should be no air leakage and salt spray overflow.


12. Appearance The coating layer should be flat and smooth, with uniform color, and there should be no foggy bottom, blistering, layering or scratch marks.


The salt spray test chamber tests the corrosion resistance of the products after coating, electroplating, anodizing, anti-rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatments on the surface of various materials.


Hope you purchase a nice salt spray test chamber with these useful tips. By the way, if you are looking for it, it is wise to choose Haida Equipment who has more than 10 years experience for test equipment. The following is in hot inquiring, maybe you are interested.


HD-E808-60 Salt Spray Chamber



Salt Spray Test Chamber