Buying Skills of Strength Testing Machine

September 19,2022

The strength testing machine is mainly used to test the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products.


It can do tensile tests, anti-compression tests and so on. So, how to choose?




Buying skills of strength testing machine


✔️Test speed


Some equipment in the market is 10~500 mm/min, and some are 0.001~500 mm/min. The former generally uses an ordinary speed control system, which has a low cost and roughness affects the accuracy; the latter uses a servo system, which is expensive and has high precision.


For flexible packaging enterprises, it is sufficient to use a servo system with a speed regulation range of 1~500mm/min. This does not affect the accuracy, and the price is within a reasonable range.


✔️On experimental projects


Flexible packaging requires a multi-purpose tensile machine, that is, based on different fixtures, it can do experiments such as stretching, compression, bending, tearing, and shearing.


✔️Measurement accuracy


Accuracy issues, include force measurement accuracy, velocity accuracy, deformation accuracy, and displacement accuracy. These precision values can be up to plus or minus 0.5. But for general manufacturers, 1% accuracy is enough. In addition, the force value resolution can almost reach 1/400,000.


✔️Test material tension range


The difference in the tension range determines the difference in the sensors used, which also determines the structure of the tension machine.




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