Characteristics of Carton Compression Tester

November 03,2022

Carton compression tester is a direct testing instrument for testing the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers.


It is specially used to judge the compression resistance of cartons. And it can be used for the test of pressure holding stacking. The test results can be used as a reference for the height of boxes stacked or a basis for design.




Characteristics of the carton compression tester


  1. Multilingual LCD operation interface, with three settable speeds and multiple units for selection;


  1. After the test is completed, it has the automatic return function to automatically judge the crushing force and automatically save the test data. 20 groups of test data can be saved and printed out;


  1. Relevant data can be input and the compressive strength can be converted automatically, with the packaging stacking test function; The power and time can be set directly, and the machine will stop automatically after the test is completed;


  1. High precision, fully automatic testing, simple and convenient operation, stable and reliable performance (the built-in formula for calculating the safe compressive strength of cartons and the total stacking mass makes it convenient for users to calculate the comprehensive performance of cartons);


  1. Three working modes:


Strength test: the maximum resistance pressure of the box can be measured;


Constant value test: the overall performance of the box can be tested according to the set pressure;


Stacking test: according to the requirements of national standards, the stacking test can be conducted for 12 hours, 24 hours, and under other different conditions.




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