Difference between Single Column and Double Column Tensile Testing Machines

September 03,2022

The tensile testing machine is widely used in testing equipment, and their uses are also very wide, such as rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, petrochemical, electrical, vehicle, and other materials. A universal testing machine is basic equipment for quality control, acceptance, physical testing, mechanical research, and material development.


Universal tensile testing machines are generally divided into single-column tensile testing machines and double-column tensile testing machines. What are the differences between the two? What are the similarities?


Tensile Testing Machine




  1. power system


Power system for tensile strength test: servo motor and servo driver, worm gear, rod reducer, and ball screw.


  1. control system


Pulse command control mode is adopted, which has higher precision and is easy to control.


  1. data processing


It can process curve graphics, support multi-sensor, video and image interfaces, and flexible data processing.


  1. control mode


They are all controlled by computer software and belong to the same set of software.


Differences between single-column tensile testing machine and double-column tensile testing machine


  1. Difference in the number of bearing columns


As the name implies, the single-column machine is a column, while the double-column machine has two columns.


  1. Difference in tensile force


The double-column machine can bear a greater tensile force. Generally, most products below 5kn use a single column, and most products above 5kn use a double-column machine. Therefore, the double column type can be applied to a wider range of material testing.


  1. Difference in volume


Due to the large volume and relatively large space occupied by the double column tester. The single-column testing machine is small in size and easy to move and can be placed on the desktop. The stroke of the single column tensile testing machine is not too long, but the double column tensile testing machine is a double screw rod, which can make the stroke higher, and the motor power requirement is also higher.


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