Features of Mattress Tester

October 10,2022

A mattress tester is a machine used to test the ability of a mattress to withstand long-term durability loads. Let's discuss it together!


It evaluates the quality of the mattress by comparing the mattress data before and after the test after a certain number of loadings.


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Features of Mattress Tester


The mattress surface durability comprehensive tester is suitable for the furniture industry. Its main features are: 


  1. The appearance is beautiful and generous. Fully concealed wiring to prevent leakage during operation and the danger of any power system. This greatly improves safety performance and is aesthetically pleasing; 


  1. Adopt gantry type mechanical structure. Using high-precision servo motors, low-noise and high-precision ball screws and high-precision heavy-duty linear guides as transmission parts, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the whole machine are improved. And it also increases the service life and the accuracy of the detection data, effectively reducing the operating noise; 


  1. The professional touch screen is used as the input control to make the operation control more user-friendly and concise; 


  1. The roller is loaded freely by linear sliding bearing. Because there is only rolling friction of the linear bearing, the accuracy of the loading force can be guaranteed. Therefore, the loading force is closer to the standard requirement (standard requirement loading force: 1400+/-7N); 


  1. Data power-off protection: data can be automatically saved after power-off, and automatic continuous testing can be performed after power-on; 


  1. Adopt pure electric mode: make the machine last longer and work more stably.




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