How to Choose a Wardrobe?

February 21,2021

The smell of the new wardrobe is formaldehyde. The board of the wardrobe includes solid wood, PVC board, density board, etc., which are all made by splicing and then painted with paint. The splicing process will require a large amount of glue to bond together, and then apply a layer of paint, and the greater the amount of glue, the heavier the smell of formaldehyde. The paint also contains a small amount of chemicals harmful to the human body. The new wardrobe needs to be ventilated or physically removed formaldehyde.


Then how to choose a wardrobe?

1. The material of the plate

Generally speaking, wardrobes made of artificial panels contain more formaldehyde. Because the adhesive used in the production of artificial boards is rich in formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has the function of strengthening hardness and viscosity, and it is cheap, so it is widely used. The solid wood wardrobe uses less adhesive, which will greatly reduce the release source of formaldehyde, and then reduce the formaldehyde pollution.


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2. Commodity statement

When purchasing a wardrobe, check the merchant’s product inspection statement and check the results of the formaldehyde inspection.


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3. Edge banding of wardrobe

The edge sealing of the wardrobe is a critical process. On the one hand, the closet is sealed tightly, which will greatly extend the service life of the closet and increase the overall beauty of the closet; on the other hand, the tight sealing can prevent the formaldehyde inside the closet from evaporating and causing pollution. The wardrobes produced by some small workshops are not tightly sealed, very rough, and even spilled glue, which affects the beauty, and also causes formaldehyde pollution, which affects the health of yourself and your family.


wardrobe formaldehyde emission testing machine


The wardrobe formaldehyde emission testing machine can be used to detect the formaldehyde content. The inner cavity of the wardrobe formaldehyde emission testing machine is made of stainless steel, and the surface is smooth without condensation and does not absorb formaldehyde, ensuring the detection accuracy. The thermostatic box body is made of hard foam material, and the door is made of silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good heat preservation and sealing performance.


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The inner tank is a stainless steel test chamber, and the outer layer is a thermal insulation box, which reduces energy consumption and reduces equipment balance time. The 7-inch touch screen is used as a dialogue interface for personnel operating equipment, which is intuitive and convenient. A thin-film high-precision platinum resistance is used as the temperature sensor, which has high accuracy and stable performance. Let us detect formaldehyde and other harmful gases more convenient and accurate by using wardrobe formaldehyde emission testing machine.