Must-known testing items for cosmetic packaging

April 28,2021

Now people like to buy what they need online, from lipstick, CP4 Camshaft, tchibo coffee capsule, to handheld OTDR, children balustrades, etc. Today, we prefer to focus on the cosmetic packaging, in order to let your products reach your hands intact, we, a package test machine manufacturer, suggest that you’d better know the testing items for cosmetic packaging.


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Cosmetic label inspection

1. Test items

Self-adhesive labels are widely used in cosmetic packaging. The test items are mainly for the adhesion performance test of self-adhesive labels (self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive). The main test items are: initial adhesion performance, long-lasting adhesion Performance, peel strength (peel force) three indicators.


2. Peel strength

Peel strength is an important indicator to measure the bonding performance of self-adhesive labels. Take the electronic tensile testing machine or electronic peeling tester as an example. The self-adhesive label is cut into a width of 25mm with a sampling knife, and the self-adhesive label is rolled on the standard test plate with a standard pressure roller, and then the sample and the test plate Peel off and place the test board and the pre-peeled sticker in the upper and lower or left and right chucks of the intelligent electronic tensile test or electronic peel test machine. Set the test speed to 300mm/min, start the test for testing, and calculate the final peel strength KN/M.


Cosmetic transportation packaging inspection

Cosmetics are usually packed in foam paper and put in a carton, and will not give you a free wash bag. A lip gloss is packaged by a OEM custom lip gloss packaging box, it must be intact after transportation, shelf display, etc. and than to reach the consumers, good transport packaging is required. At present, the transportation packaging of cosmetics is mainly based on corrugated boxes, and the transportation packaging must be tested for the following items.


1. Carton stacking test

The cartons need to be stacked during storage and transportation. The cartons at the lowest level have to withstand the pressure of multiple cartons on the top. In order not to collapse, they must have appropriate compressive strength after stacking. Therefore, stacking and maximum compression are required. The dual-item detection of collapse force is very important.


Computer servo carton compressive tester

computer servo carton compressive tester


The package test machine is specialized for testing the compression performance of cartons.


2. Simulate transportation vibration test

After the packaged product is bumped during transportation, it may have a corresponding impact on the product, so we need to simulate the vibration during transportation to conduct a reliability test on the product.


3. Packaging drop test

The product will inevitably fall during handling or use, and it is also very important to test its resistance to fall.


Packing edge crush tester

packing edge crush tester


This packing edge crush tester can help test the maximum bearing capacity of a corrugated box when it is crushed.


Cosmetic packaging printing quality inspection

Good printing will produce visual beauty, so it will help us attract customers. At present, the routine items of cosmetics printing quality inspection are the abrasion resistance (anti-scratch performance) of the printing ink layer, the adhesion fastness inspection, and the color discrimination. Wear resistance test, prepare the sample according to GB7706, then place it on the test surface of the friction tester for fixing, take 80g clean offset paper and install it on the load block. After setting the number of frictions, start the test (generally 40 back and forth), and finally evaluate the printing quality by the change in density before and after the test. Generally, more than 70% is used as the condition of conformity assessment.


Cosmetic packaging and other physical and mechanical indicators of packaging materials

The mechanical properties of cosmetic packaging play a very important role in the packaging process, transportation, and shelf life of cosmetics. The quality of the food directly determines the safety of the food in the circulation link. The summary of all test items mainly includes: tensile strength and elongation, composite film peel strength, heat seal strength, sealing and leakage, impact resistance, material surface smoothness and other indicators.


1. Tensile strength and elongation, peeling strength, heat sealing strength, tearing performance

Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that the material can withstand before it breaks. Testing can effectively solve the packaging damage and fracture caused by external force due to insufficient mechanical strength of the selected packaging material. Peel strength is also called composite strength or composite fastness, which is to detect the bonding strength between layers in a composite film. If the adhesive strength is too low, problems such as leakage caused by layer separation during packaging use are extremely likely to occur.


Heat seal strength, also known as heat seal strength, is to detect the strength of the seal. During the storage and transportation of the product, if the heat seal strength is too low, it will cause problems such as cracking of the heat seal and leakage of the contents. If you want to test the above indicators, you need to use a tensile tester to test. Take the LCD electronic tensile test as an example. Prepare the samples according to the corresponding test standards for different inspection items. Place the prepared samples in the upper and lower clamps of the tensile tester. , Set the test speed to 300mm/min (the tensile test can also be set to 500mm/min), and print out the test results after the test is completed. In addition, for the detection of heat seal strength, it is necessary to use the "heat seal tester" for sample preparation, which is also one of the commonly used equipment in cosmetic packaging laboratories.


2. Impact resistance test

The control of the impact resistance of packaging materials can prevent damage to the packaging surface due to insufficient material toughness, and effectively avoid product damage due to poor impact resistance or poor drop performance of packaging materials in the circulation link. Generally, a falling dart impact tester is required for testing. Here we take the falling ball impact tester as an example. The falling ball impact tester uses the free fall method to determine the impact resistance of the plastic film. This is a quick and simple test method used by most cosmetic packaging manufacturers and cosmetic manufacturers to test the energy required to tear a film sample under the specified free-fall ball impact conditions. When 50% of the film sample is damaged under the specified conditions, the energy of the package breakage.


3. Salt spray corrosion resistance test

When the product is used by sea or in coastal areas, it will be corroded by sea air or mist. The salt spray test box is for surface treatment of various materials, including paint, electroplating, inorganic and organic film, anode treatment, and anti-rust oil. After the anti-corrosion treatment, test the corrosion resistance of the product.


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