Precautions for Use of Environmental Test Chamber

December 02,2022

Environmental test box is a kind of test equipment that can simulate geographical environment. It has been applied in many fields, such as airlines, household appliances, computer science and so on. So, what are the precautions for using the comprehensive environmental test chamber?


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Precautions for use of environmental test chamber


  • When using, do not open the tailgate unless there are special circumstances. Because doing so may cause adverse effects, such as high temperature will break through the test chamber; High temperature gas will open the fire alarm system, resulting in incorrect posture; In addition, because the door of the test chamber is in a high temperature state, it is also easy to cause burns.


  • Before using the test chamber, a safe grounding device is required to prevent electrostatic induction; At the same time, when starting and shutting down, do not open and shut down frequently. Generally, the time interval between startup and shutdown shall be more than three minutes; If there are hot raw materials, additional switching power can be added. And the switching power of the test box does not need to be applied immediately.


  • At ordinary times, it is necessary to do a good job in the safety maintenance of the test box. The equipment shall be equipped with power circuit isolating switch, overheating protection device and other safety protection equipment. Check this equipment regularly to see if they work normally; In addition, we should be strict with inflammable, combustible and corrosive chemicals.