Test Process of Ink Abrasion Tester

December 01,2022

The ink abrasion tester is used to test the adhesion of the ink, so as to judge the quality of the ink. This machine can be used for dry grinding tests, wet grinding tests, discoloration change tests, paper fuzziness tests, and special friction tests. The ink abrasion resistance test is a test method designed to evaluate the abrasion resistance or abrasion resistance of ink on paper or paperboard. Also known as ink decolorization tester, ink printing decolorization tester, and ink friction resistance tester, they are the most typical types of printing detection instruments.


HD-A507 Ink rub resistance tester.png


Test process of ink abrasion tester


The high-efficiency air heating system heats the sample to 230 ℃ and keeps it constant for several minutes to ensure that the resin is dissolved in the test oil. Then the solution is cooled while stirring to 90 ℃. When this temperature is reached, the instrument will emit a beep to indicate the end of the test. Then remove the metal tube from the instrument.


Matters needing attention


1. The instrument shall be self-tested and self-calibrated when it is turned on. The test position must be empty, otherwise, the self-calibration cannot be completed;

2. Avoid contact with corrosive articles and keep away from high temperature and humidity environments;

3. Please turn off the power when the instrument is not in use.


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