What Testing Equipment Is Needed For New Energy Vehicle Charging Piles?

March 23,2021

The research and development and investment of new energy vehicles have continued to increase since 2015, which has led to related industries. Regarding the new standard requirements for new energy vehicles, Haida Instrument, as a testing instrument manufacturer, will tell you based on the new energy vehicle industry that has been cooperating in recent years: Why do new energy vehicle charging piles need to be tested, what are the testing items, and what testing equipment is needed?


new energy vehicle charging pile 


Why Test The Charging Piles Of Energy Vehicles?

With the guidance and support of the national new energy vehicle industry policy, relevant policies for the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in various provinces and cities have been promulgated accordingly, the large-scale construction and application of charging stations (piles), the interconnection of vehicle piles, electric energy measurement and safety issues Also follow! Therefore, it is very necessary to check the network access and on-site acceptance of charging piles.


Test And Inspection Project


1. Label test, communication function test;


2. Charging connection device detection, locking device detection;


3. Display function test, input function test;


4. Over-temperature protection test, emergency stop protection test;


5. Contactor adhesion monitoring test and leakage protection test;


6. Cable management and storage testing, direct contact protection test;


7. Open door protection test, power supply input power loss test;


8. Insulation resistance test, dielectric strength test;


9. Grounding test, control pilot voltage limit test;


10. Protective grounding continuity test, control pilot signal abnormal test;


11. Open switch S2 and then close test, over-current test;


12. Mechanical strength test, prevent solid foreign objects from entering the test;


13. Anti-rust (anti-oxidation) test, low temperature test;


14. High temperature test, alternating damp heat test.



Testing Equipments


Charging piles

New energy vehicle charging piles are often exposed to the outdoor environment, so environmental test equipment is needed to simulate the reliability test of the outdoor environment.


Rain test chamber

Simulate the damage of the charging pile under the rain condition, you can find rain test equipment in Haida, which meets the requirements.


rain test chamber


Tensile testing machine

For testing the breaking performance of charging cables and other wires, there are HD-B604, HD-B615 and other series of universal material tensile testing machines in Haida, you can choose one of them.



 tensile testing machine


High and low temperature test chamber

Simulate the aging performance test under high and low temperature climate conditions, Haida's HD-E702 series meets the requirements.


 high and low temperature test chamber


Plug-in force testing machine

Simulate the anti-drop force test of the charging gun and the plug-in force test of the simulated charging gun terminal. And our HD-K801 automatic plug-in force tester meets the standards.


Other parts and accessories

Rrelated parts and accessories are mainly environmental reliability tests, followed by packaging testing equipment.


Salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature testing machine, xenon lamp aging test chamber, sand dust aging test box, etc., as well as a constant temperature and humidity aging room for the whole vehicle. The packaging testing equipment is mainly a simulated transportation vibration table.


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