What are the Furniture Testing Instruments?

October 10,2022

Furniture testing instruments can be sofa testing instruments, table testing instruments, chair testing instruments, cabinet testing instruments, category testing instruments, mattress testing instruments, etc. It can be subdivided into the following instruments and equipment according to their functions:


HD-F780 Chair Seating and Back Durability Tester详细.png


A testing instrument for furniture materials


It is mainly used for mechanical property tests, chemical properties, physical and chemical property tests, and smoke corrosion resistance tests of wood materials, metal materials, and sheet metal materials;


Upholstered furniture testing instrument


It is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of textiles, leather, and fiber fabrics, including mechanical strength, friction resistance, breaking strength, and other performance tests;


Furniture overall mechanical property testing machine


Specifically, there are furniture integrity performance compression testing machines, furniture durability testing machines, furniture fatigue strength testing machines, furniture impact testing machines, furniture drop testing machines, etc;


Measuring instruments for the overall environmental performance of furniture


Including furniture temperature and humidity resistance tester, formaldehyde and VOC detector, furniture anti-corrosion tester, etc.


Furniture comprehensive mechanical property testing machine


It can conduct various tests on tables, cabinets, beds, office chairs, sofas, and other furniture.


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