HD-F735 Chair Arm Durability Tester

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HD-F735 Chair Arm Durability Tester


                                                                                               (for reference only)


The machine is designed to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand stresses that occur as a result of repetitive loading that can be imposed on the armrest structure. Loading of this type is the result of using the armrests as a support when getting into or out of the chair.



Test rig for chair arm durability test according to BIFMA X 5.1-2017



1. Test rate: 10 to 30 times / min

2. Armrest height adjustment range: 550mm ~ 950mm

3. Adjustable applied force and adjustable force holding time

4. Power: one phase, AC 220V, 50Hz

5. Dimension: w*d*h (188*103*230cm)



BIFMA X 5.1-2017 clause 12 (Arm Strength Test - Vertical - Static)

1. Functional Load

  A force of 750 N (169 lbf.) shall be applied for one (1) minute.

 Remove the force.

2. Proof Load

 A force of 1125 N (253 lbf.) shall be applied for one (1) minute.

 Remove the force.



BIFMA X 5.1-2017 clause 20 (Arm Durability Test-Cyclic)

Simultaneously apply a force of 400 N (90 lbf.) to each arm initially at a 10 degrees ± 1 degree angle; The force shall be applied and removed for 60,000 cycles at a rate between 10 and 30 cycles per minute.

Quality guarantee

A)  Quality assurance items

The guarantee period with FOC within one year (not including nonexpendable & transport and travel fees)

1. During the guarantee period, Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part(just for nonexpendable part) induced by non-human damage;

2. If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period, and Haida must provide on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer;

3. If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period, Haida will provide a maintain service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer, also charge for a favorable price;

4. Haida will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation, equipment maintenance;

B)  The main quality warranty maintenance certificate

If there is any dispute please refer to our guarantee letter, so:

 please keep the guarantee letter, if you lost it, please connect with us in a month.

 If the guarantee letter has been altered or it has no our stamp, it is useless.

C)  The following conditions need to be paid reasonably even in the assurance period:

 Natural reasons

 Operating mistakes

 Voltage is not fit for our operation instruction

 Repack it without our guides

 Damaged for borrowing to others

 Damaged for authorized machine modification

 Damaged for authorized calibration

 Authorized transshipment mistake

 Serve for long distance area

D)  Attentions

 Any service outside Guangdong, China, transport and travel fees shall be paid by customer.

 The apparatus try not to be used in the following situations:

a. Vibration, rocking the occasion.

b. Direct sunlight.

c. Hot, dusty, damp places.

d. To ensure safe, AC supply of the machine should be well grounded.

e. Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene, nitro oil) washing machine.

f. Do not inject water and debris into the machine; prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock.

g. Instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company, other people not allowed to overhaul.


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