What test equipment is used for switch life testing?

April 09,2021

A person performs the button switch at least 2 times a day, and as many as 5 times a day. With such a high frequency of use, few people pay attention to the service life of the switch. When this neglect causes safety accidents, people only notice the importance of switch detection, but it is often too late. So what is the test equipment related to switch life?


With the continuous use of the switch, after a long period of time, the switch of the leakage protection will fail, resulting in a lot of potential safety hazards. The life of the switch depends on the use of the switch and the quality of the material. The good quality can be used for more than ten years, but the poor quality can only be used for several months or even weeks. Therefore, it's better do a good job of the switch life test, to prevent defective products and inferior products, which has an negative impact on our daily life.


Why should we pay attention to the importance of switch detection


Every day when you wake up before going to bed, the room lights turn on the lights and turn off the lights, the tablet pc, turn on and off the TV, and your cooking gas stove whether it is valve on The gas regulator is still the button to fire, the switch of plastic poultry water pressure regulator , or it is the switch of some machines, such as cheap PT pump test bench, pharmaceuticals metal separator, etc. If the switch is broken, it will affect life if it is small, and life safety will be affected if it is large. For example, if the gas valve on the gas regulator is not found broken, it is easy to leak gas and cause gas poisoning. Therefore, switch detection is very important.


In our daily life, the service life of the switch does not seem to cause us much concern. When this neglect causes a safety accident, people only notice the importance of switch detection, but it is often too late. So what is the testing equipment related to switch life?


Switch type




First of all, let's take the key switch as an example. Some electrical equipment and public facilities will be equipped with key switches. It is necessary and urgent to complete the life test of the key switch to eliminate potential safety hazards in time. For the fatigue life test of the key switch, the key fatigue life tester independently developed by Haida can detect these hidden safety hazards of the switch and provide a strong guarantee for the quality inspection work.


HD-K920-2 push button switch life tester (four stations)

push button switch life test euqipment


The equipment has four working positions. The top handle rotates to control the lifting of the four key heads. The sample switch is fixed by the lower clamp and adjusted to move the gauge, and to the appropriate position to move up and down. The button head is not only equipped with a spring inside, which can play the role of buffering force, but also the surface is smooth and round, which can avoid the damage of the button head itself to the sample switch.


Rotary Switches


Switches such as rice cookers, electric fans, gas stoves, etc. are designed in the form of knobs. For the life test of knob switches, Haida’s self-developed knob switch life tester can accurately simulate the state of the switch when it is working.


HD-K920-1 knob switch life tester (four stations)

knob switch life test equipment (four stations)


The fixture is used to fix the sample, and the clamp is clamped to drive the switch to perform a positive and negative rotation test of 0-180°. The four-station design makes the test more efficient.


Air switch


Air switch, also known as air circuit breaker, is a type of circuit breaker. It is a switch that will automatically open as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current.


HD-K920-3 air switch life tester is suitable for fatigue testing of air switches, circuit breakers, etc., and is used in industries such as industry and automation equipment. If you are looking for such one, i guess, it is your best choice.


K920-3 Air Switch Life Tester

 K920-3 Air Switch Life Test Euipment

Three switch life testers of different specifications play their respective advantages in various switch life tests. Although their functions are different, they also have common parts. If the device is equipped with multiple power jacks, it can be used for live and uncharged tests of samples, automatic counting function, automatic data saving and other intelligent designs when power off. The controller is equipped with automatic sample damage detection function and automatically records the number of tests when the sample is damaged.


Except for test equipment which is used for switch life testing, we also have temperature humidity test equipment, water spray test chamber and other test equipments. Haida can provide customized services, if you need more information, please consult customer service. If you are interested in the above products, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a free quotation. Email: haidayf02@qc-test.cn. Tel: 86-0769-8905 5588. Well, wechat is ok, wechat: xiulingshuai. Looking forward to your inqury.